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T2P Search Training Overview

What is Search?

Search is defined by the Military and police as: “The management and application of systematic procedures and appropriate detection equipment to locate specified targets”.

These specified targets can include terrorist items such as Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s), weapons and component parts, criminal items such as drugs, stolen goods and other contraband or even people.

As well as locating targets, Search can also be used as a risk management tool or to confirm the absence of such items as IED’s from an area or weapons from a person.

Why T2P International?

With many years of experience in both the British Military and Police, T2P International is a leading exponent of Search training. Our instructors include ex instructors and a Senior Military Instructors from the National Search Centre, previously the Counter Terrorist Search Wing and Police Search Advisors (POLSA’s).

Search Services Offered by T2P

Training for Police, Military, PSC’s, Corporate clients and individuals

  • Bomb / IED Awareness
  • Basic Search
  • Security Search Operations
  • Intermediate Search
  • Advance Search
  • Search Advisor
  • Individual module e.g. Person, Vehicle, Building and bespoke courses to meet client requirements.


  • Concept of Employment, Use & Operations
  • Equipment advice
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Course Design & Documentation
  • Development of Qualifications, Licensing & Authorisation Policy
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Equipment supply

  • Shop
  • Bomb Blankets
  • Explosive Detection
  • Drug Detection
  • Search Mirrors

Courses available

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