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Safe or Suspect: X-Ray Scanner Training for Security Officers

Safe or Suspect: X-Ray Scanner Training for Security Officers


Do you need X-Ray Scanner and image interpretation training for Security Officers?

Have you conducted a business risk assessment and identified security risks at the entry points to your organisation?

Do you have concerns about the security of your property and the personnel within it and your organisation?

Are you concerned that your security staff have not received specialist training in the recognition of x-ray images and the actions to take upon discovering a dangerous or illegal item or weapon when using an X-ray scanner?

Do you want training from an ex-military Bomb Disposal Officer, Counter Terrorist Search Advisor/instructor and DfT Aviation Security trainer?

How Train2Protect can help you with X-ray Scanner training

If you can answer “YES” to any of the above questions, have any other concerns about the ability of your security staff to detect these threats, then Train2Protect would like to assist you. Train2Protect are specialists in the delivery of training for screening and detection.

Safe or Suspect X-ray IED & Weapons Awareness

Duration:        1 day

Location:         At your site to include the use of your X-ray scanning equipment. We currently provide training across the UK and internationally. This training is only open to companies and not individual security officers, if you require training please ask your company to approach us.

Candidates:    A maximum of 8 candidates per course

Course Content:

  • The threat
  • Methods of attack – IEDS, concealed weapons, firearms and other threats
  • Effects of Blast 
  • Actions on a find
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) 
  • Use of scanning equipment       

Cost:                 Please contact us to discuss costs

Certification:    All candidates will receive a T2P certificate, these can be; attendance only with certificate stating ‘ATTENDED’ or with the addition of an end of course assessment ‘PASSED’ subject to achieving the relevant pass mark.

Additional information

Our training services include; screening and detection with the aid of x-ray devices, archway, hand-held metal detectors, search mirrors and other screening tools. For more information on our search products click here or for information regarding post/mailroom training click here.

As a leading provider of Security Search and X-ray image interpretation, Train2Protect are responsible for the training of security and post/mailroom staff at various key economic points, public venues and major companies throughout the UK and internationally. To discover more about the ways in which Train2Protect can help bring security, safety and peace-of-mind to your organisation, click here to contact us today.


Excellent course, Succinct, well presented. Tutor has obvious credability which helped.

XRay IED & Weapons Awareness for Security officers – Cardiff, AH

Excellent course, everybody in security should do this course. Mandatory training and refresher every 2 years.

XRay IED & Weapons Awareness for Security officers – Cardiff, MR

Really Good Course – very well put together

XRay IED & Weapons Awareness for Security officers – Cardiff, AH

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