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Search & IED Awareness

Search & IED Awareness


Due to the continuing threat from terrorist attacks and growing demand for this type of training, T2P International in association with 3 of the UK’s leading awarding bodies, developed the Basic Search and IED Awareness course. 

This course has been designed to meet domestic and international requirements because this type of training is as applicable overseas as it is here in the UK.


1-2 days

The Basic Search & IED Awareness course has been developed for students who have no previous subject knowledge or experience, with a basic knowledge of Search procedures and the threat from Improvised Explosive and Incendiary Devices (IED/IID’s). Recognition of their component parts. The action to be taken on discovery of a suspect package, postal device or upon receipt of a bomb threat.

Who is this training for

The course can include basic search procedures and can be tailored to meet client specific requirements and personnel. The course is suitable for a range of staff including:

  • Security Managers
  • Security Officers
  • Facilities managers
  • Reception staff
  • Fire Wardens

Candidates will be expected to sit a 2 part exam upon completion of the training.


Successful candidates will receive an IMCSE accredited certificate.

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