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T2P First Aid Training Overview

At Train2Protect we believe that First Aid training is an essential life skill which is beneficial to everyone, even young children can be taught what to do in the event of an accident or somebody suddenly falling ill.

The HSE requires employers to provide adequate first aid facilities and trained personnel for the work place. Details of these requirements can be found at their web site:

Train2Protect is capable of responding to the needs of various organisations, business or individuals by offering flexible courses that meet HSE and European Resuscitation Council guidelines, these include workplace and home courses.

We offer both statutory training and bespoke courses and where appropriate or required this training is certificated to show compliance with UK HSE requirements.

First Aid Courses Available

For details of all of our first aid training courses, please click on the title below for further information:

Annual First Aid at Work Refresher Course – Rochester, Medway, Kent

Annual refresher training


The HSE requires employers to ensure their first aiders remain competent and maintain their skills throughout the three years in which their certificates are valid. The HSE strongly recommends that you attend a refresher session once every year during this three year period

Course dates:

Select your preferred date from the calendar below

First Aid at Work Course – Rochester, Medway, Kent

First Aiders resuscitate casualty

This First Aid at Work course in Rochester, Medway, Kent, is run over 3 consecutive days and meets the requirements of the HSE.

Up coming course dates:

18th June 2024 – 3 days

Select preferred dates from those shown in the calendar

Selecting the starting date shown below will account for all dates that this course runs for.

Our aim is to meet your needs, so if the dates shown are not suitable, you are looking for a day release course one day a week over  three weeks, or you want a course run at your workplace, please contact us.

Delivery Options

We remember that you are the customer and as such we aim to deliver training when and where you want it, without having to pay a premium for this service which includes out of hours and weekends.

First Aid delivery options include:

  • In House (own premises), subject to suitable training space being available, courses can be delivered ‘in house’ at your premises; this is often a cheaper option if you are looking to train several personnel at once.
  • In House (alternative premises), if suitable training areas are not available at your premises, we can usually organise a suitable and cost effective venue close to your location.
  • Open Courses, if you simply require one or two members of staff to be trained, then please see our course calendar for dates and locations. Flexible delivery to meet the pressures of current day working techniques,

Train2Protect offers the ability for courses to be split down into packets and conducted over a number of weeks if required, for further information please see individual course descriptions.


If you are a company, nightclub or other venue and would like training within the UK or internationally for a number of staff, we can run a course on your premises, at a date and time convenient to you, for more details please contact us.

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