Post Room and Bomb Awareness Training

Safe or Suspect – Postal Devices, X-Ray Image and IED awareness Training

Safe or Suspect – Postal Devices, X-Ray Image and IED awareness Training


Train2Protects postal device screening courses have been designed to help post room, security staff, or other personnel with a responsibility for dealing with mail or baggage, to identify safe or suspect packages and items and take the appropriate actions on a find.

X-ray of IED
X-ray image of possible IED

Postal device screening training can be provided to both novice and experienced mail screeners:

Postal device screening

Initial course: 1 day course providing an awareness to students who may have, or may not have already received basic x-ray scanner operation training but have little or no previous knowledge of the threat from Postal devices, letter bombs or suspect packages.

Refresher course: 1/2 day course providing an awareness to students who have already received x-ray scanner operation training and may or may not have previous knowledge of the threat from Postal devices, letter bombs or suspect packages.

Clients can modify the training package to meet their requirements regarding the items being screened (mail, baggage, etc).

Course Content

  • The Threat
  • Improvised Explosive or Incendiary Devices (IED/IID’s) and recognition of their component parts
  • Non lethal threats including non explosive devices containing items such as razor blades and hypodermic needles and prohibited items
  • Chemical and biological devices, often referred to as white powder
  • Actions required to be taken on discovery of a suspect package
  • Effects of explosives
  • Postal device recognition
  • Health & safety
  • Interpretation of X-ray images

Train2Protect can also assist in the development of procedures if required. The course also revises the operation of an x-ray scanner and covers the interpretation of x-ray images.

Throughout the course, students are shown and have the opportunity to see and touch inert replica postal and other explosive and non-explosive devices, component parts and weapons. The course can be extended if required to meet the requirements of non x-ray machine trained personnel with extra time.


Due to the nature of the course and the requirement for an operational scanner, cabinet or conveyor, this course is currently only available at client sites.

This course can be delivered at a time to suit you, we offer courses 24/7 with no additional costs for out of normal hours or weekend training.

Course Booking

To book a course and check availability or for further information, please call, email or contact us.


“Very well delivered as always. Exercise to go through X-Ray images was extremely useful. A very good refresh of previous training”.
Tom H – Norwich Jul 21

Refresher content
“Good Course content, sufficient refresher to aid current knowledge. Like the use of real life examples to aid content”
Thomas E – Norwich Jul 21

“Excellent delivery of the course, friendly atmosphere, would definitely recommend.”
M Mullah – London Jul 21

“Excellent all round security/machine use and knowledge passed on regarding the items used as threats in the post.”
Steve T – London Jul 21

In depth
“In depth demonstrations on what to look for in different devices and more importantly what to do if suspect packages are found and what the difference between legal and illegal items is”
D Griffin – Portsmouth Oct 20

“Really good session, very informative and explained in an easy understandable way”
H Young – Portsmouth Oct 20

“Great content. Very informative. Gave me lots to think about and plan for.”
N Thorogood – Portsmouth Oct 20

Excellent & Informative
“Excellent & informative training provided by a vastly experienced and very personable teacher/instructor”.
R Lee – Portsmouth Oct 20

“Anthony was very informative and explained everything clearly. I felt that I really learned something today”.
S Gazza – Portsmouth Oct 20

Best expert
“Very interesting course delivered by the best expert and knowledgeable teacher. Interesting and very good”.
S Awe – Portsmouth Oct 20

“I’m very impressed with Anthony’s lecture, kept us interested throughout and he was tons of fun as well as a learning process. I could not of enjoyed it more”.
I Peters – London Sep 20

Best Course
“I have done a lot of courses within my 16years in security and this is the best one I have been on, loved it. Would attend more courses by this company and 10 out of 10 to Anthony Jolliffe for being relateable”.
Samantha N – London Sep 20

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