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LockDown 2 – double door barricade

LockDown 2 – double door barricade


What is Lockdown 2?

Lockdown 2 is a free-standing security double door barricade device that can be deployed in seconds in the event of an emergency situation, keeping occupants safe inside and the threat out. It works completely independently, so a room without locks can still be secured. Lockdown is available in two variants enabling occupants to barricade both single and double doors.

Why LockDown?

Used as part of the Run-Hide-Tell protocol, Lockdown can form an essential part of any business or school’s incident response and lock down procedure. The Governments RUN HIDE TELL protocol– proposes the use of a barricade where possible when hiding.


Combined with our incident alarm for early warning it ensures your staff or pupils are secure before the threat reaches them.

Allows for fast and easy deployment of an emergency barricade, proven to meet PAS 24 Impact resistance standards.

Lockdown 2 is also ideal as a secondary solution to lock down double doors at speed, buying time. Locating keys and locking doors in an emergency isn’t always an easy task .

Eivind Mangset, Department of Product Design at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, established through research, that motor skills, judgement and overall performance are compromised in a high stress, time pressured situation.


  • Fast and easy to deploy emergency barricade device for double doors
  • Capable of barricading both inward and outward swinging single doors up to 1100mm wide, or double doors up to 60mm thick
  • Securely locks to protect a room and occupants from outside entry
  • Free standing lightweight device; can easily be transferred to another access point
  • Tested to PAS24 Impact Resistance Standards
  • Includes wall fixings for fast access
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