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Evacuation Chair Training

Evacuation Chair Training


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Our evac chair/evacuation chair training courses are designed to provide candidates with both the competence and confidence in the use of an emergency evacuation chair and to assist the mobility impaired in evacuating a building in an emergency.

We can provide training at a time and place to suit you and our instructors are able to provide training across a range of chair manufacturers including manual and powered chairs.

All of our evac chair/evacuation chair training sessions include a practical period enabling delegates and potential evacuees, if required, to experience using the chair and gain the confidence and competence required to effectively operate the chair in the event of an emergency.


Approximately 3 hours, dependant upon individual practical performance.


To make delegates aware of:

– The actions required to assist the mobility impaired in the event of an emergency evacuation procedure
– The operation of an evac/evacuation chair
– Practical issues of evacuating the mobility impaired


On completion of training, all participants will be able to competently use an evac chair or evacuation chair to assist in the evacuation of the mobility impaired from refuges if required and gain confidence in the chair and their ability to operate it.

All candidates will receive a certificate of training detailing their ability to use the specified model of evac chair / evacuation chair and should undergo refresher training regularly to maintain an effective capability.

Course Content

The evacuation chair training course follows our standard EDIP system:

E – Explanation, the course commences with a short theory session covering key areas such as, legislation and risk assessment, this includes a short video.

D – Demonstration, delegates receive a demonstration of the equipment in use.

I – Imitation, delegates imitate the use of the equipment.

P – Practice, delegates practise and gain confidence in the equipments ability and their ability to operate it safely and correctly.


“Well delivered course – tutor is confident and instils confidence in even the most nervous student. I feel happy that I would be able to use this chair in an emergency”
Lexi K – Oct 20

“Very interesting, had a lot of fun once I got over nerves. Trainer was great!”
Laura D – Oct 20

“I learnt to use the evac chair with confidence by being shown how to use it and then guided through the process whilst using the chair myself”
Chris S – Oct 20

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