Post Room Equipment

Bomb Blast Container

Bomb Blast Container


Suspect postal devices and packages can be contained within the container whilst awaiting the arrival of a bomb disposal team. The container has a marked datum point on the outside face, designed to assist the bomb disposal team in scanning and determining the threat and appropriate action required. The exterior is fitted with two rubber rings to allow the container to be easily manoeuvred into position and each unit is coated in a highly visible day glow orange.

This blast container is ideal for use with suspect packages and particularly letter bombs.

The Blast Container is a cylindrical assembly consisting of composite woven fibres. It has been designed to withstand blast and fragments from an explosive device containing up to 500g (16 oz.) of PE4 (TNT)

  • The container consists of three components:
  • The main unit
  • A detachable base plate (optional)
  • Removable retaining bag with handles

If a suspected explosive device activates within the bin, the blast is primarily directed in an upward direction and the sides of the bin will help to minimise the blast fragmentation. Additional protection against fragmentation damage can be achieved by covering the blast container with a bomb blanket.

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