Panic Room


Our Panic or Safe Room has been developed in conjunction with a manufacturer who has over 20 years of experience protecting the cash transportation business for UK banking and retail sectors.

The Train2Protect Panic Room is a unique and innovative product. You can be assured of a quality product as our Panic Room has evolved from over 2,000 units designed to protect both ATMs and Cash-In-Transit personnel.

The Panic Room has been conceived in consultation with high profile police and military experts. This new concept in personal protection is targeted at high net-worth individuals or those working in high risk environments such as foreign embassies, maritime vessels, aid agency workers and the utility industries in developing countries.

Able to be comfortably and effortlessly installed in homes or commercial areas on a temporary or long term basis, the Panic Room forms part of a holistic security plan of being the last point of defence once other barriers have been breached.

Protect your family members, staff and valued possessions with a high level ballistic rated, fully ventilated Panic Room that allows you to communicate to the outside world even if mains power fails. With additional layers of air filtration, alarm connectivity and monitoring available on a bespoke basis, there is a cost-effective Panic Room solution to suit your individual needs.

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