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Excel Evacuation Chair

Excel Evacuation Chair


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The Evacuation Chair Excel model is an upgraded version of our Standard Evacuation Chair. It incorporates weight bearing arms, a full chest support harness and leg support strap for additional comfort and safety. The load capacity has been increased to move an individual of up to 182kg and it has built-in carry handles which make it easy to manoeuvre up stairways as well as down to ground level.

Excel Chair key features and benefits

  • Ideal for stairway evacuation, either up or down stairs
  • One-step setup offers fast deployments and ease of use:
  • Extremely versatile for optimum manoeuvrability
  • Cushioned head rest
  • Full chest support strap (quick release)
  • Weight bearing arm rests
  • Flat comfortable seat
  • Leg support strap
  • Foot rest
  • Built in carry handles that can be used to go up stairs
  • Foot operated brake
  • Larger load capacity of 182Kg
  • Wider, more comfortable chair


  •  Height (folded/open)             1130mm / 1320mm
  • Width                                         650mm
  • Depth (folded/open)              290mm / 990 (max)
  • Weight                                       13.6Kg 
  • Payload Capacity                     182Kg
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