Fire Safety and Evacuation Equipment

Evac Trac CD7-2 Evacuation Chair

Evac Trac CD7-2 Evacuation Chair


The CD7-2 Evac Trac evacuation chair is ideal for use when moving people with a disability or injury safely and quickly during a fire or other emergency. With a patented speed governor and braking system, the CD7-2 Evac Trac’s allows a small operator to easily and safely evacuate a larger passenger. With its 180Kg Capacity, the Evac Trac CD7-2 evacuation chair is ideally suited for emergency situations.

Features of the Evac Trac CD7-2 Evacuation Chair

  • 15 Year warranty providing peace of mind
  • The integration of a brake/dead mans handle, allows smaller operators to safely evacuate larger passengers. If the brake/dead mans handle is released at any time, the chair will stop immediately.
  • The wide ridged double tracks ensure the load is spread evenly and securely grips the stairs
  • Wheels or easy travel on landings and floors
  • Integrated tie-down straps
  • Easy to deploy in one simple movement
  • Robust commercial design

Technical Information of the CD7-2 Evac Trac Evacuation Chair

Warranty 15 years
Weight 21Kg
Landing Size 80 x 80cm
Maximum User Weight 180kg (28st)

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