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Actar D-Fib CPR, AED Manikin (5 pack)

Actar D-Fib CPR, AED Manikin (5 pack)


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The Actar D-fib CPR Manikin offers all the features needed to teach both CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillation). Its fully moulded lightweight yet strong and reliable upper body accommodates AED training electrode pads, and can be used for both child and adult compressions when teaching CPR.

The Actar D-fib is the lightest (less than 1Kg) and most portable training manikin available. Consisting of 5 pieces, the Actar D-fib packs away making it easy to carry and yet it is quick and simple to assemble. The Actar D-fib CPR manikin is hygienic and saves you save time and hassle: disposable lungs means there is no need for soaking and disinfection. If used individually, the disposable lung doubles as a face shield/barrier negating the need to use disinfectant wipes between students.

Actar D-Fib CPR Manikin 5 pack, contents:

  • 5 x Actar D-fib CPR Manikins
  • 50 Disposable lungs
  • 2 x CD’s
  • Back pack 

Please note the Actar range of training products has ceased production, we still hold stock and have a new manufacturer for the production of lungs to support clients. If you wish to purchase any of the Actar manikin packs please contact us.

We are also able to sell in any quantity to meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


  • Jaw thrust
  • Head tilt
  • Closeable airway
  • All Landmarks: Adam’s Apple, Carotid Groove, Lower Rib, Nipples and Navel Chest
  • Compressions
  • Adult & Child CPR
  • Abdominal Thrusts
  • No cleaning of internal parts necessary (lung/mouthshield)
  • ONE Manikin Per Student – More practice time maximizes psychomotor skills – Reduces the risk of cross-contamination – Maximizes class time efficiency
  • Latex Free
  • Bag Valve Mask compatible
  • 30 + 2 CD, sets the pace for 100 beats per minute

AED Training Features

  • Compatible with all brands of training electrodes
  • Electrodes are easy to remove
  • All landmarks: lower rib, nipples, and collar bone
  • Electrodes don’t interfere with chest rise or chest compressions
  • Use in conjunction with Actar AED Trainers for a complete CPR and AED training system.


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