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Actar AED Trainer (5 Pack)

Actar AED Trainer (5 Pack)


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The Actar AED Trainer can be used in conjunction with the Actar D-fib™ CPR/AED Manikin, or any  other make of CPR manikin.

  • AED Trainer:  Each training unit includes a socket for the electrode cable and three buttons that simulate; “on/off” (green), “analyse” (yellow), and “shock” (red). The units stack for efficient storage.
  • Training Electrodes:  Each pair of electrodes includes a simulated “nitro” patch for use with scenario 5 (CD track 5). The training electrodes will not function on an actual AED.
  • Electrode Cables:  The cable includes two snap connectors to secure the electrode pads and a plug that connects to the Actar AED trainer. A zipped pouch and velcro ties are provided for storage.
  • Audio CDs (AED Training Scenarios): Two audio CDs are included. One CD contains scenarios for lay responders, the second contains scenarios for healthcare providers. All scenarios are produced to meet the 2015 ERC Guidelines for CPR.
  • Padded Case: Stores all of the components in a protective case that can be attached to the Actar D-Fib 5 or 10 pack carrying cases.


The Actar AED Trainer™ is available in packs of 5 and 10 allowing multiple students to practice AED training scenarios simultaneously.

Using the audio CD supplied or the prompts from a conventional AED trainer, this can; reduce class time, provide students with more hands-on training, improve student skill proficiency and confidence and give the instructor more opportunity to monitor and assist students.

When used with the CD supplied or a conventional AED trainer, the Actar AED Trainer allows students to simulate the use of an AED, complete with simulated electrode pad placement, power on button, analyze button, and shock button.

Supplied with two audio CDs; one containing scenarios for lay respondents, the second containing scenarios for healthcare providers. All scenarios can be practised as if the user was using either a “Semi-Automatic” or “Fully Automatic” defibrillator.

The Actar AED Training Electrodes are reusable and won’t leave a residue on your manikin. Each pair of electrodes comes with a simulated “nitro” patch.

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