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Actar 911 Infantry (Pack of 10)

Actar 911 Infantry (Pack of 10)


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Pack of 10 Actar 911 Infantry manikins, each comprising of a moulded body, disposable lungs, flexible chest plate and head.


  • Save course time by having more manikins
  • increase student participation and hygiene; no waiting, no sharing.
  • cost and time effective
  • Disposable lungs are more affordable than comparable airway systems
  • Save time after class; Heads are easy to clean and disinfect, the moulded body requires no internal cleaning
  • Save space; Compact and lightweight, easy storage in holdall provided (5 and 10 packs)
  • Realistic landmarks including nipples, navel, shoulder blades, and rib cage.

The Actar 911 infantry manikin allows students to simulate head tilt and and chin lift for the effective opening of the airway. Chest rises and falls visibly. Built to withstand choking back blows.

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