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Portable Hand Wash Station – H-Wash 45

Portable Hand Wash Station – H-Wash 45

£575.00 exc. VAT

Portable Hand Wash Station

Self-contained, portable hand wash station. All in-in-one sink unit with the capacity for up to 225 x 20 second hand washes. Ideal for regular use in high footfall areas.

  • Small enough to fit through standard doorways
  • Easy to transfer between both internal and external locations on your premises

Product Features

  • Portable hand wash station manufactured from 70% recycled plastic

  • lightweight and suitable for use in high footfall environments

  • Recycled plastic ensure it is suitable for external/outdoor environments

  • Foot operated pump ensures hand free operation thereby reducing contact points

  • Self-contained unit with easy-fill 45L storage tank, sufficient water for up to 225x 20 second hand washes

  • Grey water is drained into a removable collection drum

  • Unit includes 5L Soap dispenser, Paper towel dispenser, 25L Grey/waste water collection drum and waste bin

  • Weight: 25KG (not inc. water and consumable)
  • Dimensions: 596 x 1555 x 470mm  (WxHxD)


Hand wash station

Hand wash station in office
H45 hand wash station deployed in office



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